Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cazadores de Barabstro - Completed

Here are the completed HaT pre-production figures for their forthcoming Spanish Light Infantry set, painted in the colours of the Cazadores de Barbastro.

I'm very impressed with HaT's latest output as these figures are lovely to paint and don't suffer from the over-active poses that some manufacturers are blighted with. The detail is crisp and clear and the poses are all useful for wargaming, running the gamut from march attack, advancing and the various stages of the firing drill. I have a sprue of grenadiers as well, which I'll paint up soon, too. I'm looking forward to the commercial release of the Spanish infantry sets, which looks like will be happening early next year.


  1. Looking really great, nice poses. May use them somehow in the future.

  2. wuau



  3. Well executed old chap, I might have to raise a unit of these as at present all my Spanish light infantry are those Valencian chaps from the HAT box. Nice, but hardly representative.


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