Thursday, September 22, 2011

New blog name?

I've invested in a packet each of the lovely HaT Wurttemberg infantry and artillery. They are both such beautiful sets I couldn't resist any longer. They will probably sit in the unpainted pile for a very long time as when I'll get to paint them I'm not sure. Hopefully, by the time I get around to painting them, HaT's long-awaited Wurttemberg cavalry will have been released.

The problem is that I have been collecting figures from both sides of the Peninsula War which is why the blog is named as it is. What am I going to do now that I've contaminated my collection with Germans? M. le Rosbif, Johnny Frog and Fritz? Roast Beef, Frogs' Legs and Sausages? Any other suggestions? (The sillier, the better!)

Then again, I might just keep the name as it is and pretend I haven't noticed that I've got any Germans!


  1. Monsieur Rosbif & Johnny Frog with just a touch from Herr Sauerkraut!

  2. There always were Germans in the international 'British' army ever since at least the time of William of Orange's coup, whose real name was Willem.

    All through the 18th Century too, all the wars, not just the American Revolution as many over here think, there were Hessians, Hannoverians, Brunswickers, and more. And the Forty-Five, and as Ray knows, to overrun the natives of Ireland in 1690-91 at the Boyne and Aughrim, there is an international force.

    You should leave the name the same so as not to confuse the search engines who have already indexed you an exact certain way, even though your URL and blog title are not the same.

    You stand to lose ranking on the SERP, lose PR which is different, and also Traffic because of that, if you change it, and should not do so on an anti-German whim. It can be done, but at a price that isn't worth it.

  3. Sorry, this post was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I don't have any plans to change the name, but thought I'd see what inventive silliness my followers could come up with!

  4. The silliness continues Monsieur "Rosbif & Johnny Frog and others" you should have said you were after some Wurts, I have that pack, not bad figs, I found the plastic a bit strange though, when trimming the mold lines I found the plastic, started to peel like it had an outer skin.

  5. 2 days ago,"resisted the urge to add to the unpainted pile ". What happened? Are you like me and easily tempted.

  6. I love those Wurttemburgers, although you do need a supersharp knife to trim the mould lines.

    The Adventures of Rosbif, Wurstmann and Johnny the Frog?

  7. @Dan - It was an impulse buy. What more can can I say?

    @Rodger - The shame, the shame! I am but weak flesh!

    @ Alanus - My set don't seem to have mould lines any worse than any other HaT set. Maybe I got a good batch? I like Wurstmann!

  8. M. Rosbif, Now that you possess Wurttemburglers tread carefully at the club. There is one amongst the group with a fetish for all things Wurttembugle. I won't say who it is but you will know after he has chewed your ear for an hour on the subject.

  9. Be careful, this can only lead to more nationalities. How about the Poles, and Badeners, and Hessians? If you are going to change the blog name, I suggest something classy like Mikes Wargame Blog; oh wait, that's taken.

  10. M. Rosbif I can sympathise with the dilemma, having created a website called '28mm Victorian Warfare' I seem to get distracted by other eras on a regular basis!

  11. Anyway only the duke is a Wuerttemberger, the men are Schwaben.

  12. Hi Rosbif
    I got the same problem with my 'Porject Leipzig' and my Peninsular War digressions.
    Keep on with the old name!

  13. Got a similar problem with my blog (My Lardies Games) as I have also been playing non Lardies games but I don't care too much


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