Friday, October 29, 2010

My screensaver

I have collected quite a few pictures over the years from the net and added them to my PC to use as wallpaper and screen-savers. My favourite artist would have to be the Spanish artist Dionisio Alvarez Cueto (whose work adorns the background to my blog), closely followed by those 19th century French artists like Messonier, Detaille etc. There was a thread in the Armchair General that was a goldmine for this topic, with people posting their favourites.

I'm not sure of the copyright niceties of the internet, so I will end with this disclaimer; I do not claim to be the owner or creator of these images and I do not now or intend in the future to make any money from the use of these images. If the owners of these images object to my displaying them here I will remove them without question.

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