Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bavarian Cavaly Conversion

Here's the conversion prototype for my Bavarian cavalry project for 2014's Borodino big-bash game.

First up is a picture of a dashing Bavarian Chevaux-Leger trooper found on the web.

And here's my version:

Since the last time you saw him, he has had a plume and sash added. The plume is a lump of paper towel wet with PVA, rolled into shape and glued to the side of the helmet. The sash is made from Miliput and textured with the blade of a knife.

Partially completed equine test figure

The horse is from Italeri's Lancers of the Guard of which I have inherited plenty, including my latest swap with Conrad Kinch, documented here in an earlier post. They'll suit me fine, even though they aren't technically correct; the portmanteau should be cylindrical, and the saddle shouldn't have a sheepskin over the top. I'll ignore the first and paint over the second, so that on the tabletop you'll never be able to spot the difference!

James from the ANF kindly posted some pictures from his recent Borodino game of HaT Bavarians all painted up in their finest glory for to help me judge what they look like painted. Thanks for that James. I may still buy some, but I'm not a fan of HaT's earlier output. I may get sick of the conversion process to make 4 whole regiments this way, though!

PS. I was trying to access the Vinkhuijzen collection to look at Bavarian uniform plates and couldn't get  through. Then I realised that it's a collection of the New York Public Library! Sure enough, they're all in lockdown (including the server) while they endure Hurricane Sandy. Good luck, NY (and all the rest of the NE)!


  1. Looking good and ingenious use of kitchen towel! The horseflesh looks superb Sir.

  2. I have a fondness for the Bavarians. Looking forward to seeing this guy painted up.

  3. Cool - I had to go digging for the last post - I thought I recognised that body. Head swap looks good, and I'm keen to see how it turns out with paint!

  4. He certainly presents a fine figure and there is always something special about one's own conversions isn't there? Those Esci/Italeri horses are good looking steeds too!

    (Pleased that you saw the piccies inserted into the report of our Borodino game!)

  5. Very nice WIP-conversion, Sir. I appreciate your use of 'paper and glue' in your modeling. In the 'old days' that's what we used...and it works just fine!

  6. Very interesting WIP-conversion.


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