Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bounty from the Blogosphere #2

I received a box in the post this week all the way from the Emerald Isle, the contents of which were another swap with that footsore gentleman freshly returned from his march to the Boyne, Conrad Kinch.

We had arranged another swap where I'd buy him something that he required for his current WWII project and he'd send me the sweepings from his spares cupboard (actually a few of the Italeri chasseurs I've been after, a heap of Italeri dragoons, assorted Italeri British infantry, Hat Nassauers and Strelets Guard Chasseurs). All of these will find their way onto my painting desk at some stage either as complete figures or fodder for conversions.

Enclosed in this package was a handwritten note from the man himself. A handsomely written piece it is too. Obviously a discerning chap where his blog reading habits are concerned; a real scholar and a gentleman!

I'm not sure what sort of beasties he's referring to, though. The only beasties we have here are the kangaroo I use as a sparring partner, the poisonous spiders I sprinkle on my breakfast, the venomous snake my daughters play with and the shark we keep in the swimming pool. They're just the everyday animals we deal with; no distractions required!

Kinch's message

Cardboard cornucopia  of plastic goodness!


  1. Christmas in October! Nice haul and I think it points up one of the many wonders of blogging. Great fellowship and stand up people, willing to share a tip (or more!) with their fellow hobbyist!

  2. Glad they arrived! I'm sorry I've been off the radar for a bit, our big show was on this weekend and the days were just packed.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with 'em.


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