Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Italian Conscripts of the Guard WIP

Here's the first battalion of the Conscripts of the Guard.

I've tried something different with this battalion; As it's an 8 figure battalion on a 3 figure frontage, that would mean a gap in the neat orderly lines, so I decided to incorporate the mounted officer into the battalion. He conveniently takes up a 1 figure frontage, but a 2 figure depth, filling the irritating empty space. Totally not to scale depth-wise, and represents a company width-wise. I'm just using him to fill a space and to make the battalion look a bit more important!

As I mentioned last post, I've shaved off the epaulets where I could get access with my knife. The HaT plastic is fairly soft and almost rubber-like, but shaved off quite easily.

Still to come; shading, highlighting & basing.

Drummer has speculative uniform colours, as my source material doesn't include the drummer!

The saddle-cloth and pistol holster coverings should probably be trimmed in silver, or maybe just white . Maybe he's riding a borrowed horse? Will probably fix before finishing.

Basing as column

I also received a packet from the US yesterday. Enclosed were 2 sprues from the forthcoming HaT releases of Spanish light infantry and grenadiers.

They are very nice! I'll be buying more when they come out in full release in the not too distant future, I hope.

Stay tuned for the painted versions!

Spanish Light Infantry

Spanish Grenadiers


  1. Really nice figures Rosbif, you have loads of interesting units in your collection!

  2. Excellent work Rosbif. The uniform is very similar to that of a Russian Greandier.

  3. Looking very nice indeed, great work Rosbif!

  4. Hey there - I'm still speculating about that drummer as well. Swallow nests ought to be right, but the breast... not sure wether it should have been red, white or simply green with white or red piping. Whatever, nice unit anyway.

    Great to see that you've got those lights/grenadiers as well. I'm looking forward on what you make out of them. I'm still not sure regarding mine.

  5. Very nicely done there chap I love the colours


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