Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sleepy Hollow

Things bloggish have passed me by over the past few days due to a bloody shambles of a change from one internet provider to another. After cancelling our Telstra contract to go with the Optus, Optus stuffed us around giving us false information on 3 separate occasions as to when we could expect the delivery of modem and technician. Three separate occasions no one turned up after my wife turned down shifts on at least one occasion. They also said we could source a modem ourselves and plug it in and have it credited to our account, but that's not what we had signed up for.

The upshot of this was we pulled the plug on them because if that's the level of service we could expect, then we'd rather not have to deal with them, even if they were cheaper than Telstra. A little bit of honesty in dealing with us and we would still be with them. If they couldn't say when we could expect the delivery then they needed to tell us and then get back to us when they did know. We might still be with them now.

On the up side, the kids have been weaned off the dreaded screens for several days now and are spending the last week of the holidays doing creative things and playing together and generally living life without the dreaded screen ruling their days!

I have still been busy painting-wise and will have some pictures soon. Some more of Jim's Soviets, Romans and Goths on the other blog, and an experiment to create some Bavarian cavalry using French Chasseurs' bodies with Wurttemberger heads.


  1. Good man, Monsieur R - give them hell. There are too many internet-related and internet-based organisations who exploit the fact that you can't walk into their shop and drag someone over the counter. If your local grocer or pub operated with the same level of integrity and consideration that is common on the net they would close in a week.

  2. Here Here. Crappy system is no way to win over new customers.

  3. Too bloody right, tell them to poke it where the sun don't shine!


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