Sunday, June 23, 2013

Milestone Celebrations and Giving Back!

Hip, Hip, Huzzah! 

This blog is celebrating...

...passing the 100,000 mark...

...450 posts...

...and 180 followers!

Monsieur le Rosbif & Johnny Frog has had a rush of milestones to celebrate all at once! Thanks again to all my followers and all those who regularly take time to leave comments. It is much appreciated.

To celebrate and share the love I am offering my followers the chance to win 4 books from my personal library. All are military histories (what else?) and all have relevance to the theme of the blog (Napoleonic military history), with 2 devoted purely to that theme.

Click the images to read a review of each.

If you'd like to go into the draw there a couple of simple rules:

  1. You have to be a follower of this blog
  2. You have to leave a comment on this post stating which book you're interested in (you can nominate all if you want to!)
  3. The draw will happen on Saturday 6th of July 12pm AEST (+10 GMT)
  4. The judge's ruling is final!
Best of luck and thank you all, again, for your continued support!

(Feel free to spread the word, too!)


  1. Congratulations sir, quite an achievement. I qualify as a long time follower off you so I will participate in this generous give-away. My preference is for the Keegan's The Mask of Command.

  2. Hey - congrats for reaching that milestone!
    Put me on the list for 'soldiers at war'. :-)

  3. Congratulations Monsieur! Put me down for 'Mask of Command' and 'Charge!' if you will.

  4. Congratz! Please count me in for the 2nd & 3rd book.

  5. Congratulations on your milestone. Don't enter me for the draw, but I'll pass on the message asap



  6. Well done Monsieur, a most excellent achievement. I very much enjoy following your adventures and musings. I'd like to follow your example if I reach the 100,000. I'd be interested in the Charge book.

  7. Firstly may I say congratulations on reaching the 100k and other milestones this is well deserved as your blog is a good and interesting read.

    Secondly, put me down for Soldiers at War, please.

    Well done again Rosbif and heres to the next 100K

  8. Milestones and buses eh! Fabulous achievements Sir and richly deserved. I shan't enter given the costs of P & P to old Blighty, but I would like to wish you every continued success in the months to come.


  9. Congratulations on some well-earned milestones. I'd love to enter for any of the first three books, though I suspect international post to Canada is likely a bit high.


    1. @Michael and FMB-

      I've been the beneficiary of largesse from the northern hemisphere, so, as the post title says, I'm giving back. I'm quite happy to cop the expense, so if there's a title that tickles your fancy, please don't be shy!

  10. Congrats on an endeavor well done. Your generosity is also impressive. Best, Dean

  11. Congrats, Rosbif! I'll raise a beer in your general direction in celebration. I'd rather buy you one but delivery charges are exorbitant!

  12. Congratulations for reaching all those milestones. Well derserves and long life !

  13. Congratulations, good sir. Put me down for charge and against all odds, if you will.

  14. M. Rosbif
    It seems that the generous give-aways to mark your auspicious milestone has caused an avalanche of comments. I have also succumbed to temptation. Put me down for book 2 or 1.

    Well done to start and sustain such a high quality blog. You write the best AARs bar none.


  15. many congrats Monsieur le Rosbif! :)

    Please put me in for all 4 books :)

  16. Well done - the milestone achievement is impressive as is your generosity. Its a great little blog and you should be justifiably proud of it. What a great selection of books too! I'm torn between Keegan's 'Mask of Command' and Perret's 'Against All Odds' - I'm an admirer of Keegan (so I know it'll be a good read) but Perret's looks really interesting - I love those stirring tales of daring-do! Again, congratulations and well done Monsieur Rosbif!


  17. Congratulations on reaching all of these; very good job. Please put me in the drawing for Charge!
    You do quite well with your blogging and these marks are the proof.

  18. I would like to add my congratulations as well. I really enjoy reading your blog, so I am not surprised at how well it has done.

    Please enter me for the draw for "The Mask of Command." I like Keegan, and haven't read that one.

    Cheers, Chris.

  19. Congrats!

    Please put me down for the two Napoleonic books they look fun!

  20. Congratulations on reaching a milestone! Please put me down for the soldiers at War book.

  21. Congratulations on reaching all of these milestones, and welcome to my Blog. If I should happen to win, I'd like the Soldiers at War.


  22. Well gunned sir! Wish you joy on your victory, and love the idea of sharing books in this way. If you don't mind, I may take your idea and spread the "word" as it were.

    That famous charges book looks quite interesting.


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