Saturday, August 4, 2012

NWA Open Day - Games 2012

It was on again for another year, with a lot of brilliant displays of all the different games on offer at the club and traders' tables offering a range of products too good to resist (I bought another Mediterranean style building for my collection!).

After my tour of duty in the canteen, I managed to slip out and soak up some of the atmosphere.

Napoleonics was well represented with 3 tables, including 2 tables of the house rules and 1 of FoG:N.

The Gaslight table was an extraordinary affair of a VSF version of the movie Avatar!

There were also several tables of WWII, Lord of the Rings, superheroes etc.

A lot of effort was put in to make another great open day, I'm sure you'll agree!

Tim and Darren's Salamanca 1812 battle

Even Boney made an appearance!

Battle of Kadesh
ACW: Brother against Brother
VSF Avatar! (It won 1st place in the display competition)

Kokoda 1942

Waterloo FoG:N in 15mm (2nd place in the display comp)

Yes, the terrain is one large field of teddy-bear fur!


  1. Thank you, Sir, for the great photo journal of this event. Super nice game table layouts.

  2. Some very nice photos of lovely looking games. Thanks Rosbif.


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