Friday, August 31, 2012

Blob and Tackle

After the underwhelming use of kitchen twine, I've gone for a more accurate representation of the block and tackle for the naval gun using the stiff bristles salvaged from our outdoor broom and small blobs of milliput with a double indentation added using the tips of a pair of tweezers. I tried sticking the bristles straight into the blobs, but ended up with a mess, so I'm going to let the blobs harden, then glue the bristles on to them.

Fingers crossed!

This is the arrangement I'm looking for after the putty's hardened:
Single strand either end secured to gun and ground, while the double strand will be glued either end to the  hardened putty. All up it's about 2cm long.


  1. THese will probably look more in scale than the twine. The twine was ok but looked 'hawser thick' rather than something taken from the ship's stores.

  2. You might need to drill pilot holes for the bristles, I thinkÉ

  3. I keep forgetting that you are working on such a small scale, but this certainly seems to be working; best of luck.

  4. Inventive as ever Ben. These look like they will be the business.

    I agree with your sentiments about scaling in the minds eye. My own attempts at eagles to go atop French standard bearers invariably look more like large ducks! Is that why the manufacturers (of plastics at least) seem to do the masters of 1/72nd figures in 1/32nd (I think that is correct?)


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