Monday, August 6, 2012

Bertie Bugler, RN and Friend

Here's a start on my command vignette for the latest 'La Bricole' painting challenge. 

Painting Bertie was a doddle after snipping off the plume; Navy blue (what else?) with white piping and black belt and hat. Too easy!

His offsider took a little more effort. This is the first proper conversion beside the odd head swap I've done. The legs didn't quite match up, and his arse looked quite plump after giving him a new set of pins! After a bit more surgery he's a bit more anatomically proportioned though. I'll have to paper over the defects with some modelling clay. After that and a lick of paint I think he'll be ready for shore duty! 

Lt. Bertie Bugler

Bosun Benson


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