Friday, August 24, 2012

Royal Navy Gun Crew

Here's the progress of my naval gun and crew for the La Bricole Salamanca Summer Painting Challenge.

I intend to make a mini-diorama including a gun-platform, earth bank on either side of the barrels with either plank supports, or gabions if I can be arsed making some! I also plan to make coils of rope attached to the front of the gun with some sort of pulley system for re-positioning the gun (not sure how I'm going to do that yet!).

The figure which looks like he's winding up to punch someone I've decided must be actually pulling the lanyard, so I'll attach a plastic brush bristle from his fist to the gun's vent to represent a taught lanyard in the instant before firing.

The proposed layout of the base. 


  1. Great looking he-men Ben. I did not realise that Arnie was in the Royal Navy!
    Seriously though, they are coming along well and will be to your usual excellent standard.

    1. Yes, they do seem to rather well developed; must be all that salt pork and ships' biscuits!

  2. That all seems to be coming along nicely! Just in case you decide that you can be bothered try this - ;)


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