Thursday, August 2, 2012

NWA Open Day - Games 2012 : Update

An updated list of the display games and traders that will feature at this Saturday's NWA Open Day:

Kadesh (or Qadesh)                            (FoG AM 15mm)                           Mark Mann, Greg Hubbard & Richard Gorringe
Dark Age DBA                                 (DBA 28mm)                                 Mark Mann & Greg Hubbard
Borodino 1812                                 (Cold Steel 28mm)                          Mike Goldyn, John Waligora & Peter Edmanson
Salamanca 1812                                (Cold Steel 28mm)                          Tim Bayly, Andrew Bayly & Darren Belton
Waterloo 1815                                  (FoGN 15mm)                                John Shaw
American Civil War Skirmish             (Brother On Brother 28mm)               Charles Csabi & Gary Holland
Legends of the Old West                    (LotOW 28mm)                               Darren Paterson
Canvas Eagles                                  (WW1 Aerial Dogfights 1/72)            James Booth & Neil Gerhard
Kokoda 1942                                   (Crossfire 15mm)                             Michael Stringer
Stalingrad WW2                               (Book of Armaments 20mm)             Stephen White
I-48 Stalingrad                                 (I-48 WW2 Skirmish 28mm)              Brendan Day
Lord of the Rings                             (LotR 28mm)                                  David Leonard, Danny Leonard & Travis Stevenson. 
Victorian Sci-Fi                               (Gaslight 28mm)                              Neil Hughes & Tom Brake
Super Heroes                                   (Super System 28mm)                       James Wright
WH40K                                          (WH40K 28mm)                              Daniel Noonan
Warmachine/Hordes                          (WM/H 28mm)                                Non-NWA gamers                  

Traders that have been confirmed are:
·        War Game Miniatures
·        Little Soldiers (Adelaide)
·        Good Games Blackburn
·        Sparrow Cast
·        Battlefield Accessories
·        Croydon Puzzle Box

The NWA Open Day – Games 2012 – will be held on Saturday, 4th of August, 2012, at the Croydon Uniting Church (Tallent Street, Croydon – Melway Map Ref: 52 K2).

If you're in Melbourne this weekend, please come along and join in the fun! 

I can't make it til later in the afternoon, and then have volunteered for a shift in the canteen, so I won't have time to join in any game, but I'll be sure to take lots of photos to show you all.

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