Saturday, October 1, 2011

Napoleon: Revolution to Empire

Brought to my attention by Carmi at 'My Napoleon Obsession' is the fact that the National Gallery of Victoria here in Melbourne will be hosting a spectacular exhibition of Napoleonic artifacts next year.

A description of the exhibition from begins:

"Napoleon: Revolution to Empire" is a panoramic exhibition examining French art, culture and life from the 1770s to the 1820s. Its story runs from the first French voyages of discovery to Australia during the reign of Louis XV to the end of Napoleon's transforming leadership as first Emperor of France.

To read the whole exhibition description go to the NGV via the link here

The NGV is also the proud owner of 'The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras' by Lady Butler which I am ashamed to say that I haven't yet seen, so I'll be able to kill two birds with one stone as it were!


  1. Very nice! Take lots of pics (if you can) :)

  2. Might have to try and jack up a trip over to see this.

  3. I'm green with envy - I have a print of Quatre Bras in my wargames room, waiting to be framed.

    But to see the original would be really something.

  4. About the book he wrote also an history of the batte of Lepanto, where the Venetian fleet destroyed the Ottoman one, i will definitely buy it.

  5. Hi Conrad & Young Rosbif, I have lived in Melbourne for most of my life and never realised that that painting had been hanging in our humble little gallery for close to 120 years! I read a magazine article about it's present day restoration and took (dragged) my boys to see it that very day. They also have some furniture from the period and I remember looking at a rather comfortable chair from around 1810 and wondering if his Highness had graced it's appolstery with his posterior. Cheers.


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