Monday, October 10, 2011

Chasseurs in pink!

Last project for the new year's Wagram game is the 8th & 9th Chasseurs a Cheval, which I've just researched and found out their facings are a lovely shade of pink! Either the colour didn't have it's modern effeminate connotations, or Napoleon got his uniform facing advice from an ab fab sweetie dahling!

I'm using the Italeri French Light Cavalry figures, but have decided to convert them using the heads from the Zvezda Voltiguer pack (of which I have too many to use for their original purpose) after seeing Victorious Secret's chasseur project over on Benno's forum. It took a bit of working up to mutilate the beautiful Zvezda figures, but I'm sure it was worth it!


  1. These will paint up very nicely.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  3. They look like they're gonna paint up very nicely, I've been painting a bit of pink recently on a NYW Dutch Horse unit, its a great colour to use as its not seen that often, looking forward to the finished results.

  4. Good conversion. Can't have too many Chasseurs.

  5. Nice little conversion there Sir. I'm sure I once heard that pink was originally assigned to boys; a tint of the strong colour red. Blue been much calmer and serene (think of the colour of the garb worn by the Virgin Mary) was deemed more suitable for girls.

  6. right conversion, I think i will sculpt some with the sakos"full optional"....

  7. Nice head swaps Rosbif. Looking forward to seeing them finish now!


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