Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Royal Marines WIP #2

Here's the latest marines off the painting table.

I'm a bit of a project butterfly at the moment as I have the marines and foot dragoons for the sea landing still underway, along with the fortified position. I'll also need to paint another gun and crew, too. I still plan to paint more British and Portuguese battalions for the British 2nd Division, figures for which are sitting forlornly in the unpainted pile. Then, of course, there's my latest project, the Wurttembergers, of which the horse artillery set arrived in the mail last Friday.

What will take priority, though, over the coming weeks, is to ensure that I have enough troops for my promised VI Corps for the Battle of Wagram project that we'll be playing early next year. The Italian Guard units are done and dusted, but I still need to confirm I have enough French infantry to cover my commitments. I know for a fact that I'll have to paint up a few more Chasseur a Cheval figures to cover the light cavalry brigade attached to that corps

Nicely animated figures, but the detail is not very good

Figure biting his cartridge looks deep in thought: 'Hmmm...did I turn the gas off before I left?'

The advancing pose holds his musket very close to his body obviously for ease of sculpting, giving an odd, off balance look for a charging figure.


  1. I really love these figures! Some day I must get some of them!

    Great painted figures!


  2. They do look great and after my brief dalliance with the Napoleonic era I find myself looking more longingly at the period. Not sure I could cope with the scale though but your figures are making it harder to resist.

  3. Good work - I might take a ramble in that direction, once I have the Spanish sorted.


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