Monday, October 31, 2011

Генеральный садовый гном армию (look it up on Google Translate!)

It won't make any sense to anyone who doesn't know Jim, but those who do will understand, including General Jimski himself!

I'm finally basing them, individually on 1.5cm square bases. They are the Rosbif standard bases; figure glued to cardboard glued to fridge magnet, with a liberal squirt of Reeves coarse texture gel around the base. They'll get a dusting of flock and maybe some thicker foliage too. They're still a bit shiny, but another quick squirt with the matt spray should do it. The heavy weapons and command bases will be bigger, of course.

I won't be at the club for at least a fortnight, so I'm planning to have them ready to hand over by then, Jim.


  1. Gnomes? theu look like the elves. Look at the first picture!

  2. Very nice!!!! but none have red hats or fishing rods????????


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