Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Foot dragoons WIP

Here's the latest on the workbench. They're a distraction from study and from Jim's Soviets (sorry Jim!): Foot dragoons for the sea landing scenario.

The French fortifications will house not only the infantry garrison and artillery, but also a detachment of dragoons. Whether they'll be used offensively on horseback, or defensively on foot behind the fortifications will be up to the player. Painting these chaps will make that option a reality.

More to come


  1. They look fantastic. I really regret not grabbing a box of these when they were available.

  2. very nicely painted are them from Strelets?

  3. They look beautiful, top quality work.

  4. Thanks, all!

    @Ray and Franznap - Yes, they're Strelets. They're the fruits of my swap with VS from Benno's Forum

  5. excellent work as always,cant wait to see the finished unit,but no pressure
    cheers jim

  6. I am awaiting to see the history behind the scenario!

  7. Hi Rafa,

    It isn't based on any historical encounter but loosely based on Sir Home Popham's exploits in 1812 along the north coast of Spain. I found a letter of Wellington's to Popham outlining his wishes for naval assistance to the Spanish. See the letter at

  8. What is it with these jolly Strelets figures?
    They always look a bit odd on the sprue but then as soon as you apply a decent paint job such as your outstanding recent work they are transformed into nicely animated and useful figures.


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