Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saving Private Ivan?


Private Ivan belongs to the State! His blood is destined to be spilled on the steppes of the Motherland in the Great Patriotic War Against Fascism! (And if his mother says otherwise, we have a space in the gulag just for her).

Commisar Jimski's Soviets are coming on well. I was not happy with the effort I'd put into painting these figures as Jim had undercoated the figures in white, while I usually use black. I find black more forgiving as gaps between the colours don't show up as much, whereas they were glaringly obvious to me with these figures. You are always your own worst critic, but as this is my first commission, I wanted to get it right.

I thought I'd give the first few a coat of Army Painter - Dark just to see how they looked, and lo and behold, the Army Painter magically covers up all the blemishes! I'm quite please with the result; I hope your are too, Jim!



  1. Yeah they look good, I would have to do something about the gloss though.

  2. They're not finished yet, Dan. Once I've based them, they'll get a matt varnish layer to hide the gloss.

  3. It is clever stuff that Army painter but it appears to me that it is more suited to specific eras. For instance the olive drab of Ivan looks great but I'm not so sure that it would be as effective on your bright coloured Napoleonic uniforms.

  4. I'm with Michael on that. I really wouldn't want to risk coating my newly painted, white-clad Austrian infantry in the stuff!.. Saying that, it really does seem to enhance more modern era figures. Nice work Beefy.

  5. Thanks all!

    It's a matter of taste, of course, but I use it on my Napoleonic troops, even the white ones (see for results with white uniforms).

    I like the grimy campaign feel it gives, and as I'm not skilled enough to try the layering effect some more talented types do so well, I prefer the Army Painter shortcut (although when this tin is finished, I'll just go to the hardware shop and get a tin of Wattyl varnish at half the price for double the amount!).

  6. Good job. I also like the campaign look for my figures. The example for Napoleonics is great as well.

  7. looks great to me and with a bit of matt varnish will do very nicely


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