Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chasseurs progress & starting ANOTHER project!

I'm a butterfly with my projects; I haven't finished my Royal Marines, my British 2nd Division or Jim's Soviets and here I am starting on another! I spend too much time thinking about what to do next before I've even finished my last project.

Courtesy of John R., I've had a bunch of Italeri Scots Greys knocking around that I didn't really know what to do with. I'm more interested in the Peninsular War than Waterloo, so the Scots Greys have been languishing untouched. I had been trying to find a way of getting some British dragoons in bicornes for my collection, but the only ones I found were too big. Since I'm painting the 2nd Division circa 1813, I've decided to ditch the bicorne wearing dragoon idea and do a little head converting with the Scots Greys. Using heads from some Italeri French dragoons, I've turned the Scots Greys into ordinary dragoons, which I'll paint as the 1st (Royal) Dragoon regiment. The decapitated French dragoons will be given some bicorne heads and painted as Spanish line cavalry.

Below are 4 of the chasseurs mounted and ready for varnishing and basing. The horses are form the Italeri French Hussar set as they are much better sculpts than the horses supplied with the chasseurs. The other 4 will be mounted on their horses once I've finished painting them. (I've finally worked out how to do extreme close ups with the camera, 3 years after getting it!)


  1. Nice work on the Chasseurs and interesting use of the Scots Greys.

  2. The Chasseurs are looking very nice indeed.

  3. in fact I really like your conversions

  4. More great work and I can totally sympathise with the 'Butterfly effect'. I am supposed to be working on the Anglo-Zulu War but have spent most of my time recently looking at zombies!

  5. Hi
    A great work for Chasseurs. The officer is a very smart figure!
    THe Scots Greys are a source for conversions. I did used in the past for my Prussian dragoons, when no figures were available
    Best regards


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