Sunday, October 9, 2011

Land of the (28mm) giants!

After a mixup with a 3rd party conveying some figures to the wrong person, I've ended up with a bagful of Victirix British infantry and French Guard Grenadiers/Chasseurs. Glen said to go ahead and paint one of the figures anyway, before returning them to him, so here's the result.

I must admit, I enjoyed painting this figure with its crisp detail. After painting 1/72 figures for so long, this was a comparative doddle, as all the detail was right there, standing out like dogs' whatsits. As lovely as 28mm is, though, I won't be scrapping the 1/72nd collection, as I've put too much effort into getting it to this stage.

I have inherited a couple of boxes of Waterloo British infantry that have been gathering dust in the unpainted pile. After painting this single figure, I'm thinking of painting up these figures with the intention of possibly selling them, splitting some of the proceedings with the generous chap who gave them to me in the first place.


  1. Very nice painting Rosbif. They indeed very nice figures and a pleasure to paint.

  2. Nice work; this set (British Peninsular) was my first foray into 28mm Napoleonics. Long before that was Airfix Highlanders and French Line. Best, Dean

  3. Hi
    He looks like a veteran but he is not 1/72... what a pity!
    Best regards

  4. Good work. I'm not a fan of Victrix, too many pieces to glue

  5. Top work Sir! I've been fighting the temptation to pick a box of the chaps up for some time now.

  6. The first on is always free. If you are not very careful, you will soon have hundreds of these 28's in half a dozen different periods! Not that I've fallen into that trap...


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