Thursday, June 27, 2013

Borodino Battlefield - WIP

Borodino battlefield in progress in the glamorous surrounds of Tim's shed

Above is the battlefield that Tim is making for our big Borodino game that is scheduled for the first weekend in January 2014. The view is north to south roughly in the area outlined in the following map with Borodino township being the larger brown square in the middle distance, near the intersection of the streams.

The rough dimensions of Tim's project with the direction of the POV of the photo indicated by the arrow.

Most of the work has been done by Tim himself, with help along the way from various other members. I think you'll all agree he's doing a sterling job!

The modular tiles are made from polystyrene covered with a layer of plaster or putty or something similar and then covering it in flock.

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  1. That is an impressive battlefield!

  2. Man, that is a mammoth effort, I hope it gets plenty of use.

  3. A wonderful looking battlefield!

  4. That is gaming on a Grand Scale! Best wishes on the project. Dean

  5. That's a helluva table. Should be quite a game.

  6. Fantastic representation Ben. The NWA are gonna do a grand job of this we can see!


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