Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boney Brou-ha-ha

Napoleon's still causing trouble, nearly 200 years after his loss at Waterloo saw him exit stage right!


  1. Ah yes, 200 years on and the 'establishment' is still trying to suppress his memory! (ha, ha)

    (Actually, I wonder what happened to all of those wonderful banners that promoted the exhibition. How good would it be to have one of those outside ya front gate?!)

  2. What a sad company to be working for if they take that as offensive.
    the world is sadly becoming filled with mindless automatons

  3. No surprise to me. Rattle the drums and send the couriers. The allied forces must once more be formed for the good of Europe!!

    Oh ... hold on. Not THE Ogre but a bunch of petty wanna be ogres. Humans can be embarrassing at times!

    von Peter himself

  4. Oh my goodness me! It is not just us that seem to losing our grip on common sense.

  5. I must admit to a little schadenfreude, as the ticket inspectors are known in our family as the Tram Nazis; they travel around in packs of 4 or 5 and do spot checks of people's tickets, fining people without valid tickets. Their very presence can be intimidating, even if your ticket is valid, so I must say I have little sympathy for them experiencing a bit of what they dish out!


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