Saturday, June 22, 2013

A New Barracks for Rosbif's Regiments

Mrs. R. had a day off work recently and spent part of it doing what she likes best, cruising the local op shops (opportunity shops, or charity thrift shops as some of you may know them). She came across this piece of mid-twentieth century interior design (not at all an authentic piece of shit) and thought it would be the perfect thing for me to store and display my soldiers.

I think you'll agree unlike the prat in the video, she got a bargain!

The cabinet with my complete collection

Anglo-Iberian infantry on the top shelf

Franco-Allied infantry on the middle shelf

Cavalry and artillery of both sides on the bottom shelf, plus various odds and ends like bullock carts and pack animals.


  1. Looks good! Nice when spousal cooperation comes together.

  2. That is wonderful! It's great to see the whole army on display. And might I say that you have a great wife, finding such a cool thing for you.

  3. Well done to Mrs R, a great find!

  4. Now I'm jealous, terrific score!


  5. Very nice there Rosbif and I am rather jealous as I want or rather need a place for my wee troopies

  6. nicely done, I love the way all the figures look grouped together. Great collection my friend!

  7. I am green of envy!
    It looks superb

  8. Very nice Rosbif, great find!!

  9. nice one rosbif,not much room for expansion though

    1. True, Jimbo. I'm thinking of putting an extra couple of shelves in at some stage soon!


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