Saturday, June 29, 2013

Borodino 2012 - Russian Documentary

I found this gem while doing a little digging on the net for an image of the battlefield of Borodino for the previous post. It's an English language piece for the Russian RT network presented by a likeable chap by the name of James Brown (no, not THAT James Brown!).

He takes us through the whole event, talking to all sorts, from camp followers to the Great Man himself! It also features a couple of Englishmen from the XV Hussars of which there is a squadron here in Victoria (see the link in the sidebar).


  1. Sounds cool. I will come back and watch later.

  2. "Bor-ROD-ino" ?? Crikey, we'd better practice that before the big game!

  3. What an amazing programme and I love the running titles at the bottom too

  4. That looks cool! I'll watch it tonight after the kids are in bed.



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