Thursday, May 23, 2013

Joseph Napoleon Regiment - WIP

More work in preparation for Borodino. This time another exotic regiment to add to the IV Corps: The Spanish Joseph Napoleon Regiment. 

These poor saps probably had the longest journey of any unit in the entire Napoleonic Wars (except maybe the Portuguese Legion!). It was formed from the La Romana's Spanish Division which was garrisoning southern Denmark in 1808 (those who failed to escape with the Royal Navy's assistance, anyway, after the outbreak of the Peninsula War). The troops were given the choice of joining a fighting formation or a pioneer battalion. Not surprisingly, enough volunteers were found to form a 4 battalion regiment. While the original idea was to send them to fight in Spain, the realisation that they would probably desert en masse precluded their use there, and instead its 4 battalions were dispersed across garrisons in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. They saw combat in the 1812 Russian campaign in the IV and I Corps, and then in the 1813 German campaign, being disbanded later in 1813.

I'm using HaT's versatile set 8095 again, with some head modifications, and also SHQ/Kennington command figures.

The grenadier figures have had head replacements, with the original bearskin-clad heads being replaced with heads in shakos, plumes and cords from HaT's Middle Guard set 8167.

The command figures have also had the Frankenstein treatment, starting life as Chasseurs of the Guard. The Officer has a plastic head from HaT's Light Infantry Command set, while the standard bearer has a metal head from an SHQ/Kennington drummer. The flag bearer will be carrying the beautiful flag produced by MS Foy at Prometheus in Aspic

Another couple of figure will round out a nine figure battalion, then I'll start on another one. For Borodino, the battalions will only be 6 figures strong, so they'll probably be amalgamated in one 12 figure unit, rather than 2 tiny battalions.

Grenadier conversion #1

Grenadier conversion #2


Officer conversion

Flag bearer conversion



  1. Very nice conversions and painting. I need to paint up Joseph's Guard units for Vittoria.

  2. Nice work on those. An exotic regiment indeed!

  3. Lovely figures from you, as usual!

    The Joseph Napoleon regiment is a ripper and such "good value" in wargaming terms having been involved in all of the major battles of both the 1812 and 1813 campaigns.

  4. Poor chaps, they were not loved anywhere!
    For Spanish-speaking peopleher, I can recommend a short-novel from Arturo Perez-Reverte: 'La sombra del aguila' (The shadow of the Eagle) about this topics

  5. Lovely work there Rosbif as ever

  6. Great stuff, very colourful too!

    Cheers Sander


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