Saturday, May 18, 2013

More French Cannon-Fodder for Borodino

Here they are, shaded, varnished and based, ready for orders from the Viceroy!

I'm quite happy with the head swaps, though I'm not convinced that my efforts at shako covers warranted the effort. The first try on the march attack figure was the best, but the other two didn't work quite as well.

The whole battalion
(I just noticed the back row aren't in correct order: the yellow pompons should be on the right!)

Elites with head swaps and coloured bands around the top. I didn't bother with the bands around the bottom of the shakos as it  turned out to be too hard. Better to leave them than do a rubbish job!

Voltiguer #1

Voltiguer #2


Rear detail of Voltiguers

Middle row including SHQ officer and modified shakos.

Rear detail

Rear rank march attack figures (in correct order!)

Unmodified figure

March attack figures with head conversions:
left figure with head replacement, right figure with shako cover modification


  1. Very nice conversions, details and painting.

  2. Great looking conversion, a very nice work!

  3. Lovely work there Rosbif and look the colours and lovely paintjobs.

  4. Seeing like that I think they look superb and the shako covers just give them such individuality amongst the ranks.

  5. Fantastic conversions and painting Rosbif!


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