Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More French Infantry WIP

Sorry for the lack of variety in my WIP posts of late! I hope you're not all getting sick of seeing French infantry. I've varied this bunch with a head conversion and a couple more figures with shako covers.

SHQ/Kennington officer in covered shako

HaT charging infantryman with home-made Milliput shako cover

Advancing pose with shako cover. It looks a bit more like a turban!

Unmodified march attack figure.

Original guinea-pig for the shako cover experiment.
He featured in an earlier post, but I realised recently that I'd painted him in light infantry colours!

Second march attack figure with head-swap.
The original head looked like he suffered from foetal alcohol syndrome! 


  1. I like a bit of variety, very well done Sir!

  2. I could never get bored of looking at these - just so much wonderful variety!

  3. Great figures. the Kennington one adds a even more variety!

    Still laughing at the FAS, phwatar!

    For the uninitiated, the original is the figure on left-hand end of the second last row in this painting review on Plastic Soldier Review:

  4. Hi Tim and Andrew:

    It has been a long time since I wargamed with you. I have settled down here in Vancouver; married with two children. The wargaming group I belong to have adopted Cold Steel as their rule-set, and we have been playing for awhile. We would like to maintain contact for questions that we have regarding the rules.

    Jonathan Stone.

    1. Hi Johnathan,

      If you drop me a line via the Contact Me widget above the Followers list, I can forward your message to Tim and Andrew.

      Good to hear our rules have acquired a following elsewhere in the world! Have you seen the latest iteration of the rules and charts in the link under the header banner?


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