Sunday, May 12, 2013

HaT Infantry Conversions and Amera Scenery WIP

I've started another French battalion for Borodino, this time back with plastic HaT figures. This time, though, I've experimented with head swaps for the elite figures. The originals are bedecked in cords and plumes, so I decided to give them a more campaign look by transplanting ordinary shako-wearing heads without the fancy trimmings. The heads came from surplus figures of the same set.

Converted voltiguer

Original figure painted in Italian colours

Second voltiguer figure with head conversion

Original pose.

Converted grenadier
Original bearskin wearing figure.

I've also put the first licks of paint on a piece of Amera moulded plastic scenery bought from club member and top bloke, Garry, and his online store Wargames Miniatures. This is a river section with a ford. I like the natural looking meander that the river makes in this piece, a sight more realistic that the straight sections I've got. I'd love to get another couple of sections eventually, so Garry, I hope you get some more soon!

It looks a lot brighter and more primary in the picture than in real life! I'll put some more shades on the road and banks and flock the rest of of the section. 


  1. Nice conversions there Rosbif and a great paint job. I like the terrain but I think it needs a little shading to make it amazing

  2. Great painting on some very nicely sculpted and proportioned figures. Best, Dean

  3. Lovely little miniatures Rosbif, and I can recommend Amera terrain until the cows come home, it's quality stuff

  4. A great painting job as always. However, I think that the shakos with yellow or red bands correspond to the 1812 Bardin regulations, that started to be distributed in 1813. However, they look very elegant!

    1. I think you're right, Rafa! Drat! Oh well, these chaps got new shakos before the rest of their uniforms.


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