Thursday, May 30, 2013

Viva Pepe Botellas!*

Here's the 1er Battalion Joseph Napoléon Regiment for my Borodino IV Corps project, using HaT set 8095 and a couple of interlopers by SHQ/Kennington.

Both the officers and grenadiers have had the Frankenstein treatment and received new shako-wearing heads, replacing the original bearskins.

The flag didn't print as clearly as I'd hoped (printer issues), but the original image made by MS Foy is a thing of beauty. I'll have to reprint it at some stage.

They'll receive their baptism of fire tomorrow night. Come on Garry and Pete; do your worst!

*BTW, Pepe Bottellas was Joseph's Spanish nickname. Literally translated means Joey Bottles, referring to his rumoured predilection for booze! 

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