Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Edible Books!

Work has an annual celebration of books and food by asking staff to create an edible version of well known (and some lesser known) titles.

This year I participated with my entry celebrating Leo Tolstoy's lesser known first draft of what became his Russian literary masterpiece. In an effort to break into Hollywood script writing about 70 years too early, Tolstoy had written an epic about mutated killer 50' pea pods unleashed on Napoleon's invasion of 1812 : War and Peas!

Fortunately, he listened to advice and scrapped the idea as too silly and wrote the classic we know today.

My entry illustrates this previously little known historical sci-fi narrative, which could rival the likes of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds if more people become aware of its significance.

My misspent youth comes into play with classic Commando comic dialogue!

The Peoples' Choice winner: The Secret Garden by Sarah Charing

The judge's winner: Mr Men by Joyce Bowden.
The event was judged Australian foodie and healthy eating guru, Stephanie Alexander, and funds raised went to her Kitchen Garden Foundation which works with Australian primary schools to teach kids the joys of eating vegetables they grew themselves.


  1. There's a John Lennon song isn't there? Give Peas a Chance.

    cheers WW

  2. All for a good cause, but I can't help feeling that that the judges missed the post-modern irony of a certainly gentleman's entry! 8)

    1. If there was an award for the punniest, my entry would've won hands down!

  3. Thats classes pure class, pity the judges didnt see it that way. Mind you the Mr Men cake? is brilliant too.

  4. M. Rosbif,
    Your entry is without doubt in a class of its own!

    1. After names were next to each entry, I was told by one woman that she was sure it was a dad's entry because it was such a Dad Joke! Maybe that's the class you're thinking of? ;-)


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