Friday, February 17, 2012

2 ° Reggimento Fanteria - Elites WIP

Due to an enforced day at home, thanks to various illnesses, injuries and appointments, has meant that while I look after sick Junior Rosbifs, I get time to show you the beginnings on the next battalion of Italian stallions.

So far, I've painted the grenadiers and one voltiguer of the 2nd Line Regiment. These chaps have red facings and piping with green cuff flaps. They're mostly finished, but I still need to add the national cockade to their headgear.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cap'n Richard.

      Wow, you're quick off the mark! I've only just uploaded the post.

  2. More splendid and characterful stuff; still curious by the practicalities of a white uniform. I appreciate that it was by no means unique, I suppose I'm so used to painting red jackets.

  3. Really nice work there Rosbif.

  4. Great work there chap. I envy your soft plastics painting skills.


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