Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 ° Reggimento Fanteria - WIP

I've finished the replacement grenadier and am now at the basing stage.

All figures are now stuck on their bases made from a layer each of cereal packet cardboard and fridge-magnet glued together, and a liberal amount of Reeves' Coarse Texture artist's gel applied around the figures' bases to disguise the 'step' where figure meets base.

Next step, after the gel is dry, is to paint the base and add a little flock and static grass and this lot will be ready for this Friday's NWA meeting where everyone loves ganging up on a new unit!

They still look like they're on the retreat from Moscow, but this time it's only the bases that look like they're covered in snow!

Replacement granatiere, still requires varnishing.


  1. Nice unit you have coming along there and yes they do look like they are on the Retreat.

  2. M. Rosbif,
    What is "Reeves' Coarse Texture artist's gel", where do you get it and how much does it cost?

  3. I was gonna ask the same question as Tim!

  4. I get mine at Lincraft (Bunnings for chicks as John R. calls it). I can't remember exactly how much, but it was under $15 for a 200ml tube that's lasted more for over a year and I've still got half left.

    Ray, it's an English company (though made in China) so you'll probably find it at an art supplies or craft shop in your neck of the woods

  5. Is the magnet to give weight to the base or do you have a clever transporting system in operation.

    With reagrds to the gel, I've started using Vallejo pumice gel, which does the same thing, but to be honest not mush diferenr from sand and PVA!

    1. I transport my armies in a metal tool box. Most of my troops are light-weight plastic so the magnets keep them in place during transportation. I find that the magnets aren't quite strong enough to keep my metal figures in place, though, especially if the box gets bumped en route.

      Your recipe for home made texture sounds far more cost effective than the gel. I might give it a go once I finish this tube of gel.

  6. They look good so far! And thanks for the information about the gel!


  7. Good looking unit, Rosbif. I'm quite familiar myself with the curse of the freshly painted unit; they do seem to attract tabletop damage


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