Sunday, May 15, 2011

She's a Valley Girl, fer sure, fer sure!

Nothing to do with wargaming, but a trip down memory lane!

Junior Rosbif #1 has arrived at that stage of adolescence when she's differentiating herself from the boring adults. The first manifestation of this is her language. It seems to be descending into a lot of 'stuff' and 'like' and 'totally' and 'OhmaGod!' etc. It's like listening to some sort of adolescent jackpot when all of the are linked together in the same sentence!

I started quoting 'Valley Girl' by Frank and Moon Unit Zappa back to her, which totally amazed her because, like most adolescents, everything's shiny new and no-one else has done anything interesting before them. Listening to it on YouTube was a complete revelation.

We now have a shared language thanks to this song. I now present 'Valley Girl' by Frank and Moon Unit Zappa to you, and if you don't like it you can say 'gag me with a spoon!'


  1. Be patient... Adolescence eventually will end and your Rosbif#1 will be a charming girl again!
    Best regards
    P.S. I own a boy and a girl in their late 20's so I talk from my experience hahahaha

  2. Brilliant - has the language really been dead since 1982? - ohmyGOD!


  3. lol!! My 1 & 2 are just passed that stage thank god, but they still can't be seen in town with their boring old fogey Dad!! Trouble is I've got to go through it all over again with 3 & 4 in around 8 years time!

  4. One of my older sons and I now regularly have a laugh about the time when things improved enough for us to be able to discuss how much we disliked each other - that was real progress - prior to that there was mostly melodrama and banging doors.

    It is not an easy period. As I recall, stress is hereditary - you get it from your children. Just part of life's rich pageant, but it takes a lot of inner strength not to feel like a victim for those years! I reckon that 14 was the peak of nihilism for boys - it got better about 16. Girls probably younger - don't know - I never had daughters!

    Onward and upward


  5. Zappa!!!! :-D I used a line from one of his songs the other day on a Forum...."the boys in the crew are waiting for you" (Track 4 Joes garage) Great stuff.
    I´m just watching my son going into the "phase", and like Ray...I´ve got a good gap to recover before my daughter reaches that "phase"


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