Monday, May 16, 2011

Italian Dragoons of the Royal Guard #2

These are the first 4 Dragoons of the Royal Guard painted up for the Army of Italy. Basing and shading/varnishing still to come. The next 4 still to come and after them, Chasseurs- a- Cheval.

I've experimented by giving the trooper a dragoon musket, cut from the surplus Italeri infantry I use for conversion bits 'n 'bobs, although it looks like I've glued it a bit too high up on the saddle.

At the bottom are the 2 source pages I've used to base the figures on; the first from Uniformenkunde and the second from Histunif
Vedette figure

Eagle bearer

Eagle bearer from the other side

Trooper sans musketoon

Trooper with added musketoon.
Looking at the Histunif illustration below, I haven't quite got the positioning correct; it should be positioned lower on the saddle

Charging Officer


  1. Nice work; dragoons really are the cavalry's workhorse (pardon the pun). Amazing detail on the flag. Regards, Dean

  2. Hi quality painting M. Rosbif. I particularly like the horse colours

  3. Looking good mate. Where did you get the colour uniform plates from?

  4. Thanks all!

    @Steve - The links are in the text; Uniformenkunde and Histunif.

  5. Seriously impressive stuff, especially at that scale.

  6. Your work is okay when looked at closely, but they erally stand out great when at a distance. And your horses ARE good.

  7. Always liked those Italeri dragoons; never managed to finish more than a box though. Nice work, you've done a good job on them.


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