Monday, May 2, 2011

Gardes d'Honneur - Italian Royal Guard #2 (plus more cannon fodder for the Emperor))

I finally have finished the Honour Guard of the Italian Royal Guard for the Army of Italy in preparation for Wagram next year. At this rate I'll be ready by 2014! I did get distracted by painting up another battalion of French infantry in greatcoats, all with head conversions using the heads from Italeri figures and the Lancier Bleu conversion heads. The officer and eagle bearer are SHQ/Kennington metal figures which are a little shorter and squatter than the plastic, but I like the variation. The rest of the figures are from HaT's 8146 1805-1808 French Infantry in Greatcoats 

Still to come, Dragoons of the Guard and chasseurs a cheval (hopefully a little quicker this time!).

The whole unit
My latest French infantry battalion

Command figures

The march attack figures
Voltiguers and firing line figure
The whole battalion in line


  1. Those a very good conversions...and very well painted. It´s good that just a simple head swop can completely change the look of a fig.

  2. I have most the figures in question and had to think hard before I could work out who was who. Good work.


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