Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Italian Dragoons of the Royal Guard

The latest project on the Rosbif workbench; Dragoons of the Italian Royal Guard. So far I have painted the standard bearer, officer and 2 troopers.

Since taking these photos, I've noticed an error; the collars should be green, not white. I've since corrected the mistake.

The artist at work (courtesy of the family guerrilla photographer, Junior Rosbif #1). Please excuse the elegant purple dressing gown; it was a Sunday and I couldn't be fagged getting dressed straight away!


  1. Nice figures. Whos' the manufacturer? HaT?

  2. No, they're Italeri. I haven't been impressed with HaT's cavalry. IMHO Italeri and Zvezda make the best 1/72 cavalry, but the range is limited to mainly French. I'd love to get some British tarleton wearing light dragoons and bicorne wearing heavies, but no-one makes them in 1/72 plastic. I've been reduced to using 25mm metal figures which are too big, which is why they don't often get an outing :-(

  3. I have a couple of boxes of these guys-packaged when they were Revell. I do like this Italian army project of yours-I may have to shamelessly copy the idea!

  4. I agree on the HaT cavalry, I wasn't impressed too much with the French Dragoons which I recently purchased. I'll have to try the Italeri or Zvezda pieces.


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