Friday, May 27, 2011

Italian Dragoons of the Guard & other stuff

I've finally finished the Dragoons of the Guard for the Wagram project. All troopers have had dragoon muskets added in a fiddly procedure, but I think it adds a little realism to the figures that was lacking. The horses aren't the original ones that came with the kit but I think they are better as they aren't posed in the flat out charge of the originals that cavalry really didn't engage in very often. These horses look like they're charging at a more sedate trot or canter.

I've also finished a few Spanish guerrillas, from HaT's Spanish Guerrilla set, to add to my Spanish forces, including my favourite: monk with blunderbuss and crucifix!

Also included are pictures of the ADC figure from a new French command vignette I'm making. The stand will have the general making sure the ADC has his orders straight, while the ADC is in the act of making for his horse which is being held by the reins by a light infantry chasseur. The figure has a head swap using the Lancier Bleu cylindrical shako head, as the original Italeri figure's head had a shako much too short, more like a kepi, which didn't look nearly as good.

Italian Dragoons of the Guard in column
The command figures
My band of desperados
Piratical looking guerrilliero
Wouldn't want to bump into him in a dark alley!
Father Francisco can give you the last rites before killing you!

Topper-wearing chap
ADC ready for action
Who's a pretty boy, then?


  1. Nice painting all-around. Love the ADC. Dean

  2. Hi
    I also love him with his wonderful red shako. Well done!

  3. good painting indeed, with an A+ to the ADC

  4. Thanks for the kind words, all!

  5. Lovely work Sir! Love the Dragoon figs.

  6. Very nice figures, and well painted, like the others have said the ACD in his red shako look great, also I see the curse of the black thumbnail his hit your town too! Its spreading like wildfire!


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