Monday, November 8, 2010

Aspern-Essling update #3

Here's some more photos courtesy of Robin of the progress made so far in the creation of the 1809 battlefield of Aspern-Essling, complete with Marchfeld, Gemeinde Au and the minor villages to the west. I still have to create the dike between the 2 villages. I've started and will post a WIP on the progress soon.

Looking east down the Danube

Aspern and the Gemeinde Au looking east with Essling in the distance

Aspern and the Gemeinde Au from the east

The Austrian view; looking south from the Marchfeld to Aspern

Tim patiently creating an orchard


  1. Wow, impressive. Seems like a fun build to be a part of!

  2. It's a real team effort although a lot of the credit goes to Tim for hosting the annual event, purchasing the bulk of the materials and supplying the tools. It really helps that his second hobby is model railways!

  3. Hi
    Really a great battlefield. Having a railways modeller in the team is a bless!
    Waiting to see the dike of banked road linking Aspern and Essling


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