Wednesday, November 17, 2010

16th Light Dragoons WIP

This is the latest unit to come off the (very slow) production line. I've finally finished painting the last 3 troopers of the 16th LD and have based them. I may have stuffed up the horse blankets as I've painted the trimming yellow, but I had the horrible thought that it might be white to conform with lace, buttons etc. which in this unit were white. The other 2 units of light dragoons had yellow trimmings, so they're OK, but I'm not so sure about this lot. All my reference material focuses on the men's uniforms, not the horse furniture, so I'm a bit in the dark here. If anyone knows, leave a comment, or I'll ask on TMP where I know I'll get an answer, although I'm reluctant to as it'll probably start another huge row ;-)

The complete unit awaiting shading/varnishing and texture on the base.

At the back you can see the heavies which still haven't been christened as I couldn't make it to the last club meeting. Hopefully, this Friday I'll be able to christen both units!

This seems to have answered my query, although not conclusively, as the rider is in post 1812 uniform. The saddle blanket is clearly trimmed in white, conforming with epaulettes, shako cords and shako band. It looks like I'll have to make some changes *sigh!*


  1. Hi
    My knowledge of British horse furniture is very scarce and poor.... but the horses wore short tails!
    P.S. Nice riders!

  2. The light dragoons horse blankets were edged with the facing colour. For the 16th light dragoons this would be scarlet. The same for the hussars except the blanket was crimson and the wolfs tooth edging was white. I hope this helps.But you are right, it is so hard to find a picture of a cavalryman on his horse.

  3. I know the sheepskin shabraque was trimmed in the facing colur, but the blue blanket under that is the trouble. The more I look at them, the more I think it should be white. The blanket roll should also be trimmed in facing colour, which I've definitely got wrong and will have to rectify.


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