Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spanish Cavalry Save the Day (....nearly!)

Another game, another loss! I really should stop playing with my Spanish army(or play a bit smarter by bunching a brigade of  them in columns and only using them as a reserve.)

Anyway, my newly minted Dragones del Sagunto survived the games as one of the few units left standing, so that was a victory of some sort, I guess......What? Stop rolling your eyes, you lot! I've got to get it where I find it!

In a 1200 pointt game against Garry's French I set up my British on the left flank and the Spanish on the right. I had the Walloon Guards and the converged grenadiers on the right flank as that's where I expected the worst to come. The theory was right, but the practice left a little to be desired as the Walloons acted like recruits and failed to form square as the Vistula Lancers came bearing down on them.

I desperately tried to hold on after the Walloons got squished by sending the British guns and 2 infantry battalions to bolster the Spanish, but  my luck wasn't with me as it was last game and Garry's tactical nous didn't let me get away with wishful thinking. 

The Anglo-Iberian army

Dragones del Sagunto on debut!

The British contingent

Allies win the initiative and move first!

The 3rd  Foot (Buffs)

The British line from the left flank

The plan was to let Garry come over the terrain obstacles to impale himself on my bayonets, but he didn't read the script, damn him!

All he sent were his legere.

The cavalry just glared at each other most of the match...

...while the bulk of his infantry were facing my Spanish brigade (fancy that!).

"OK compañeros, time to form square!"
"Ah, mañana, Coronel!"

So, the Walloons on the right are supposed to form a square to anchor the line, while the grenadiers in column are supposed to come up in support.

Things don't look too bad at this early stage.

The Spanish guns even manage to inflict some damage.

It still all looks impressive.

 "Eh, Coronel... about that square...."

92nd Highlanders move to the right to bolster the Spanish line...

... and the Saguntos move up in line to support (too close as it turns out)

The Walloons again fail to form square at the crucial moment, and despite taking flank fire from the square as they charge...

...the Vistula lancers crush the Wallons and then send the Saguntos reeling!

The new Spanish right flank!

Garry sends artillery and infantry to threaten the Spanish flank...

...while I send the Gordons to threaten  his lancers

The square shakes out into line to refuse the flank, while the grenadiers move up to cover the front

The perilous Spanish position. Not fatal if only I can bring up support before the hammer falls.

Here they come: the 50th Foot and the British foot and horse artillery

Garry charged out of the woods to be met by a volley from the grenadiers.

We both rolled appallingly badly, but Garry came off worse after losing casualties and charging from a wood.

That didn't matter as he had more options up his sleeve!

The Gordons fired on the Vistula lancers' flank and sent them retiring to a more central position. Decent of them eh, what?

The British arrive on the Spanish flank to try to bolster the defense. Shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic?

The rfles were moved to try to add a little disorder to Garry's columns, but Garry didn't hang around long enough!

Dramatic shot of defiant Spaniards and plucky German riflemen

Another dramatic shot of doughty Scots in closed column "see you, Jimmy!"

Saguntos lurking for an opportunity.

All the riflemen did was get in the way when Garry charged, resulting in a fleeing, broken grenadier battalion...

...and another broken line battalion...

...closely followed by a third retreating line battalion!

The Spanish guns were next in Garry's sights.

Spanish gunners stood to their guns and took a French casualty with them...

....but they couldn't stand!

On the left flank, Garry marched a closed column up to my cavalry, who stood there picking their noses after failing to take an opportunity charge, then fired on them causing a casualty.

After asking for a divisional morale check on my Spaniards, who only had one battalion in good morale, I rolled a one! they spat tobacco juice on French boots and rolled up their sleeves and said "Is that all you got, señor?"

British guns got to work on the French flank. Too little, too late!

I was hoping to snatch something from the situation

The Saguntos had a nice gap to work with, but...

...Garry had the last word! A regimental charge goes in.

Garry rolls 6...

...and I roll 1! Can't get worse than that!

"Sálvese quien pueda!"

Garry ends up too close for the Saguntos to be able to effectively charge!

Another charge gets rid of a British battalion, with the Buffs next to go, and it's game over!

The Saguntos, the 50th and the 92nd are the remaining formed units left on the field

¡Hurra por los Dragones de Sagunto!


  1. I was sure that the Sagunto Dragoons would behave well! We have just played some spanish cavalry last week-end, and they were solid too!
    Nice report, lovely photos!

  2. That, sir, was a fine-looking game.

  3. Excellent pics of what looked like a top game!!!!

  4. Great report and photos Rosbif.

  5. Great report and photos! Joy to read!

  6. Cool pics! Got a lot of information from this post. Thanks for your post in fact it an excellent post.

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  7. Hi Rosbif,
    Sounds like you done well, Having the Spanish is always tricky.
    Nice looking game!

  8. Seems to me that you need some new dice Ben! Always good to see a new unit survive the syndrome. Like the other posters, I really appreciated the beaut photos.


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