Thursday, November 25, 2010

Isn't the web wonderful?

I've recently had 2 experiences associated with this blog that show how small the world is becoming.

Previously, if I'd found information that I wanted to share, I'd only be able to let people I know personally. Now I put it on the blog and anyone anywhere can see it. After my last posting, one of my regular visitors, Rafa Pardo, contacted me and offered to share his knowledge of Spanish uniforms with me. This morning I find in my email inbox 4 emails with associated attachments from the other side of the world from a man I have not met in person. Even 10 years ago this probably would not have been possible. Muchas gracias, Rafa!

The second experience concerns one of my book reviews. Checking the latest comments last week, I noticed the latest concerned a post I'd made several weeks ago. It turned out that the author of one of the books I'd reviewed had found my review and posted his thanks. I'd never contemplated the possibility that this would happen when I started this blog!

It truly is a small world!


  1. These small things make our life more pleasant, and the troubles of 'real world' seem smaller. Best regards

  2. And to complete the circle........
    Robin was doing a search of images for Aspern-Essling and up came the photos of our battlefield you had put on your blog. So through your blog our January game has gone worldwide! If only we could talk Rafael into coming over to join us.


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