Friday, November 5, 2010

British Heavies

Here are pictures of my heavies painted as the 3rd Dragoons. The first attempt at converting them with milliput was the best IMO, but of course it's slightly out of focus, so you can't really see the detail.

I'll be using them for the first time tonight, so I'll see how they go; hopefully, I'll put a Salamanca style charge in on the French, but more likely they'll get ganged up on and trounced as usually happens when christening new figures!

In column

In line, ready for the charge!

Command stand. Bugler has plain, unadulterated bicorne.

First use of milliput. Good compromise between detail and thickness.

One of two troopers with chinstraps tied over the top of bicorne


  1. Hi
    Very nice cavalrymen and the horses have a short-tail as it was actually!

  2. Thanks Rafa. Stay tuned for the Light Dragoons in Tarletons!


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