Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Johnny Württemberger

It's been an age since the last time I posted anything to do with my figures. To be precise, the 26th of September was the last post which featured a new unit off my workbench!

To make up for that dismal record, I give you not one, but two, new units! I give you the 1st Battalion of the Herzog Wilhelm Regiment (the battalion I painted earlier was actually the 2nd, more on that later) and the Fußjäger Btn Nr.1 König.

According to Napflags, previous to 1806 the Württemberg army were issued with the 1798 Ducal colours. After 1806, when the duchy was upgraded to a kingdom, 6 new regiments were created by adding a second battalion to the existing musketeer battalions, with the new battalions being issued new Royal colours while the original battalions retained the old Ducal colours. So this battalion I've just finished are sporting the 1798 Ducal colours and the previous one I painted have the 1806 Royal colours. I've been told that the Württembergers didn't take their colours into battle anyway, so it's all a moot point anyway! I don't care, because a big flappy flag is just the cherry on top of painting a battalion, in my humble opinion and button counters be damned I say! :)

The figure closest to camera is an extra from the first battalion painted and has had a dry-brushing of white over his trousers. It's fairly obvious in the harsh light of the flash!

I think I'll eventually dry-brush the rest of the battalion so that it matches the first one.

Fußjäger -
You can see where the British 95th Rifles got their ideas from in terms of uniform and weaponry!

I based them individually so that the whole battalion can be easily deployed in skirmish order

One small brigade - the start of bigger things!


  1. As Confucius says...'Me rikey, me rikey velee much.' I've some Wurttemberg stuff from Hat but I think they may end up as Berg from the Peninsular. My only hope is that they can match up to your standard. Excellent work. Question the first - Fußjäger! Are they the lights from each battalion set aside to make a battalion (like Grenadier companies in the French Army) or are they battalions unto themselves? Q the 2 - Why bother with the extra dry brush to match up? All units on campaign must have looked a right hotch potch and these look great. Q the 3 - Can Fußjäger troops double up as any other unit if not used as Wurttembergs?

    1. Thanks SRD(H)!

      In answer to your questions: 1) They were separate units, trained as skirmishers and using rifles similar to the Baker rifle. In fact, the Baker rifle and the 95th Rifles were based on German rifle armed jager units like the Fußjäger. 2) You're absolutely right! It stands out a lot more under the flash than it does to the naked eye, and the campaign look is what I'm really after, anyway. 3) I suppose if you squinted, you could use them as the 95th. With a little conversion you could use them as jagers from some o the smaller Cnnfederation of the Rhine states like Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Weimar etc. see

  2. Lovely work and I am with you on the flags Button counters eh!!!!

  3. I say these were worth waiting for!

  4. Nice update - great looking troops as usual.

  5. These look great. I have used some of your previous work as inspiration for doing some HAT Dutch Belgians, but your bases look really good. These HAT figures look good too. I am hoping when I come to do the Nassau troops I will get more of a mix.

  6. Great painted units! One day I must paint some of these figures to! They look really nice!



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