Monday, September 19, 2011

Keep off the grass!

My boss was investigating the possibility of having a small bare concrete balcony area at work covered in fake grass for the official opening ceremony of our new library, so she sent off to a supplier for some samples. I saw them and immediately saw wargaming terrain potential. Long story short; they're now mine, all mine!

There are contemporary accounts of armies marching through head high crops of cereals and literally bumping into or at least being surprised by the enemy because they couldn't be seen through the standing crops. Think of Quatre Bras where French lancers surprised the 42nd Highlanders before they could form square because  '...the stalks of rye, like reeds that grow on the margins of some swamp, opposed our advance; the tops were up to our bonnets, and we strode and groped our way through as fast as we could.' (Sergeant Anton of the 42nd Highlanders).

I think these'll do very nicely!

The astro-turf sample
French voltiguer hiding in the crops


  1. A significant addition to your terrain collection.

  2. I've got some of this. Its not great close up, on the table, but I guess for jungle terrain etc, it could be useful.

  3. Nice. It's always great when work and hobby can intersect.

  4. Brilliant, we always seem to see the potential in the must unlikely of materials; perhaps a light dusting with a slightly different shade of green or ochre might help to soften the brightness of the green.


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