Thursday, September 8, 2011

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea...

Below is my effort at scratch building a ship's boat for my naval landing scenario. After asking for advice on a couple of forums, the good people at WD3 Wargames Community steered me in the direction of a blog tutorial on creating small boats. This is my approximation using cereal box cardboard and Milliput. The carronade is the smaller gun-barrell from the HaT Sailors and Marines pack with a section cut out from the middle and a layer of Millput to disguise the cut.

Slightly on the large size for the scale of the figures, but as a single building represents a town block, a figure represents 60 men, this boat will represent a flotilla of small boats. My only criteria was that it fit a small 8-figure battalion, which it does, just! I won't complicate it by adding oars or a mast. The representation of a small boat is enough.

I'm still not sure if I'll make another; I'm thinking that this boat will need to ferry several loads from the fleet and back, which will add another level of tension to the scenario; Will the naval forces be able to land all the Marines and the gun before the French can intervene, or the Spanish assist?

The basic boat

With figure


  1. Very very nice. Sometimes you just have to fudge the scale to make it all work. I think you have done very well.

  2. Good job. It's going to look great on the game table.

  3. Nice work. Where is your scenario set?

  4. Thanks all!

    @Conrad - I'm basing the scenario on the 1812 naval landings by Commodore Sir Home Popham in support of Mina's guerrillas on the northern coast. In my scenario the Spaniards will be regulars, though.

  5. They're going to be great, looking forward to seeing them in action.

  6. Hi
    The boat will be named 'the unsinkable', I suppose...
    Best regards


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