Friday, September 16, 2011

September progress

Spring is in the air, but the winter lurgi has only recently released its grip on me *cough, splutter*. I'll probably have a seamless transfer from virus to allergy over the next couple of weeks with a month-long sneeze and snot-fest to look forward to. I'll have to start stocking up on the anti-histamines now!

The first swap I participated in with Ben, aka Victorious Secret from Benno's Forum, arrived after a long journey by snail and turtle it seems :-). These dismounted dragoons are the last element required for the naval landing scenario under development.

Not much wargaming or painting as a result of the coughs and sniffles, but what I have done I now present to you!

BTW, thanks to all of you who have signed the online petition to try to save the jobs of colleagues at the University of Melbourne libraries. Unfortunately, as was always likely, the affected staff have been steam-rollered by 'progress' and have lost their jobs after weeks of stress and bad feeling. All the accumulated knowledge and skills these people possesed is now lost to the universtiy community. No one dispusted that the job has changed massively with the increased uptake of so much online content, but to lose so many people to introduce the new service model is still going to place the remaining staff in under a whole lot more pressure to provide existing services.

Jim's Tons-o'-Russians. Below are some of the latest additions

Naval officer - SHQ/Kennington infantry officer painted blue

Rear of same

HaT sailor

Strelets dismounted dragoon from VS's swap

Another Strelets dragoon


  1. The Russians look very nice and I think the dragoons will paint up very well.

  2. Those are really nice 1/72nd figures and the painting is great. Best, Dean

  3. Hi
    Here in Spain the summer is finishing so the 'histamine season' is well in the future!
    I wait to see your naval landing scenario.

    At last, I can only sympathize with the colleagues of the University. Here in Spain, the economical crisis is also hitting hard the education sector. I think with you that to lose the knowledge and skills of all these people (here or in Australia) is a bad politics and maybe we regret it in the next years. Bad times for the culture!


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