Tuesday, February 8, 2011

But wait; there's more!......more Spanish!

Probably the last Spanish unit for the moment. This one is a generic mid-war unit based on the uniform of Espoz y Mina's guerilla 'divisions'. 

The figures are from HaT's Spanish Guerilla set which also features the armed monk I used on the command base. The officer is a head conversion of the officer figure from HaT's 1808-1812 French line infantry set and the flag bearer is a conversion from the march attack figure.

My kids call them the Hatters and think instead of national cockades, they should have little signs saying 'This model 10/6' a la Alice in Wonderland!

This time I've used the Army Painter - Dark varnish which I'm quite pleased with. I thought it might be too dark, but it's turned out alright. I'll just finish the bases and give them a matt varnish spray and they'll be ready for action!
The full unit in column formation
Advancing and firing figures
Command conversions
Command again
Battalion in line


  1. Very nice work Rosbif, Have never tried head swaps with plastic figures. How do you go about it?

  2. Thanks fellas!

    Paul, I just carefully cut the relevant heads and use a pin-vice to drill holes in the head and neck and insert a small length of thick wire into the holes, then glue the 2 parts together. I've also bought some pre-made metal heads in 1/72 scale, by Lancier Bleu, with bonnets de police and bare with bandages. I've used one of the bonnet de police heads in the Spanish gun battery of a couple of posts ago. I've also used plastic heads on metal figures too!

  3. M. Rosbif will these troops be getting their first outing on Friday night?

  4. Hi
    They look like a Guardia Cívica of a Spanish free town.
    They deserve good statistics!
    Best regards

  5. Nice figures, I've always liked the Spanish units with a top hat, it's so differant from the usual headgear of the period.

  6. Thanks for visiting, Ray!

    Apparently the toppers were surplus British tropical headwear, the topper being the ealy 19thC version of the solar topee.


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