Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10,000 visits!

According to the Flagcounter app I've cracked the ten grand visitor mark! (Although, the blog's internal stats say I've still got about 1,500 to go. Go figure!) Whatever the true mark, I'm very pleased with the numbers who've found my creation diverting enough to visit and re-visit. So thanks to all my readers and all of you who've left comments. It makes it all worth while to know that you're enjoying my work.

Special thanks go to the chaps in NWA's Napoleonics group who give me lots of positive feedback every week; to regular visitors, especially Señor Pardo, who's been a real mine of information on the Spanish army and very encouraging of my work; and to the friendly mob at the La Bricole forum, who are just as enthusiastic about all things Napoleonic as I am.


  1. Nice one, well deserved, you've got a great blog.

  2. Well deserved Rosbif,
    Lots of work going into all those Naps and really enjoyable battle reports.

  3. Thanks, fellas! Glad you enjoy it.


  4. Congratulations on the mile stone. The picture of the harbour bridge on New year's eve was nice but what about a salute from the 132 gun Austrian grand battery at Aspern.


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