Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In preparation for next big January battle, I volunteered to paint the Italian contingent for the Battle of Wagram, expecting to have at least a division's work ahead of me, until I was told that only the Italian Royal Guard were present! I'll probably paint up Severoli's division which fought in Italy under Eugene in 1809 at Sacile and Piave, too, as some of those regiments had battalions serving in Spain. It'll make a change from painting Frenchmen, at least! 

The figures I'm using for the Italian Guard are Zvezda Imperial Guard  figures that I inherited from Ian, another NWA member with an extensive plastic 1/72 collection. He had the obligatory mountain of unpainted plastic that he couldn't see himself ever painting, so he gave them to me when I was still building up my collection. I haven't had much call for guardsmen until now, so I dug them out and will paint them in their fetching green jackets.

Also pictured are the Spanish casualty/morale markers, plus some extra British ones, including highlander figures. I've also discovered Newline Designs carry cavalry casulaty figures, so I'll investigate acquiring some of them too. I haven't used Newline before as they are true 20mm which is 1/76 scale, rather than the 1/72 I use. Casualty markers in this scale may not be discernably different.

First Italian Royal Guardsman off the production line

The silent dead, waiting for matt varnishing


  1. Hi
    I am waiting to see your dead. They don't seem gore at this time...
    Best regards

  2. Magnificent stuff !!!

    Kind regards Carlo Antonio


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